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Our Sober Living

Discover a new standard of sober living. At Harbor Recovery Sober Living, we take pride in providing a structured sober living environment where privileges are earned, case management is offered, and individuals can receive guidance on their path to recovery.

Our Structure Program

Harbor Recovery Sober Living houses work on a level system. Residents enter the home as a Level One and can “level- up” by adhering to house rules, attending all mandatory meetings and reviews, completing assigned chores, and participating in all other required aspects of the program. Moving through the level system, residents gain privileges and increased independence while continuing to develop as individuals.

Our program structure allows residents to increase their sense of responsibility, accountability, and independence while remaining part of a strong recovery community. This helps set our clients up for success in terms of maintaining long-term sobriety and achieving their personal goals.

Program Tools


Case Management

Daily/Weekly check-ins, goal setting, family updates, recovery guidance


Life Skills Training

Cooking classes, resume building, educational and career assistance


Group Outings

Beach days, hiking, surfing, movie nights, sporting events, cultural outings, etc.


Little Brother/Big Brother

Mentorship and guidance, peer support


12-Step Groups

Transportation to daily recovery meetings, In House 12-Step Study



Morning meditation, yoga, nightly review, and mindfulness activities


Health and Fitness

Gym, workout plan, nutrition education, group sports activities

The Environment

Our homes are designed to allow residents to focus on their recovery in a comfortable, safe, and fun environment while taking advantage of everything Los Angeles has to offer. Some of the amenities we provide to support that environment include:

  • Private and shared room options
  • On-site events such as movie nights, cooking classes, yoga and more
  • Group outings such as hiking, surfing, concerts and more
  • Transportation to medical appointments, community events, job interviews, and more
  • Healthy meals prepared together
  • Staff available 24/7
  • Resident computer for school work/job search
  • WiFi
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Comfortable full-size beds and stylish furniture
  • On-site laundry

Individualized Care

Most clients who come to us are currently part of an outpatient program, working full-time, or are attending school. However, we understand that each person comes to us under different circumstances. We pride ourselves on providing customized care for all of our residents, and are always willing to work with clients and their families to find a level of care that suits each person’s individual needs.

Alumni Support

We know that staying connected to our facilities through an alumni and/or mentorship program can be an important part of maintaining sobriety. Harbor Recovery Sober Living offers a variety of ways for former residents to stay involved, supported, and accountable once they have completed their treatment with us.

After care services available to residents who want or need additional support as they make the transition back to independent living include:

  • Sober mentoring program
  • Big brother/Little brother program
  • Assistance in finding housing
  • Connecting individuals with a sober roommate
  • Alumni Events
  • Continued Support
  • Weekly Accountability Group
  • Step-down housing

Former residents are also welcome to participate in Sunday night house meetings, attend all house events, and take on leadership roles in community service projects

Application Process

At Harbor Recovery Sober Living, providing our clients with an environment in which they feel safe and supported is one of our primary goals. This not only enhances the quality of our homes and ability to treat those in our care, but also increases our clients’ rates of success in terms of long-term sobriety. Consequently, before entering one of our sober living residences, we take steps to ensure that each client is invested in the recovery process and that our program is the best fit for his or her individual needs. If it is determined that the potential client would be best served in another sober living residence or in a higher level of care, we are more than willing to provide the appropriate referrals and resources to get them the help they need.

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