About Us

Harbor Recovery was established to create a new standard for sober living. We believe in creating living spaces that are safe, structured, and supportive in order to give our clients the tools they need to achieve their goals and maintain long-term sobriety.

With a focus on community and accountability, along with on-site services such as case management, 12-step guidance, job search assistance, and life skills training, our purpose is to help residents realize their potential, find purpose in their lives, reconnect with family and friends, and learn to have fun sober.

Our Mission

To provide the community, guidance, and support necessary to ignite a positive and lasting change in the lives of our clients and their families.

Our Values


Leadership: Anyone can be a leader. Leadership is demonstrated through action, and we encourage all our members to act honestly, selflessly, and with integrity. We insist that all members of our community embody recovery through continued positive contributions for themselves and others.

Consistency: At Harbor Recovery, we provide a safe and stable environment by fostering a sense of predictability. We pay attention to the details and emphasize the importance of everyday actions, the catalysts of larger achievements.

Transparency: We are straightforward and honest with our clients, their families, and each other. We believe in the power of authenticity, the importance of healthy communication, and the fairness of clear expectations.

Compassion: We provide guidance from a place of experience and empathy. We understand the perils of addiction, and we know the path to recovery.

Community: At Harbor Recovery, our community provides support, encouragement, and safety. We respect everyone’s individuality while emphasizing that recovery is a path best walked with the support of others. It is the responsibility of each community member to honor and respect one another.

Our Philosophy

Harbor Recovery is a community offering effective, long-term, and client-focused care. We believe that sober living is more than just a bed, and we have thoughtfully curated a program where the goal of abstinence becomes a byproduct of recovery. We provide guidance, balance, and a safe place for clients to heal. We believe in challenging ourselves and our clients to have fun, learn, and grow together while building a life worth staying sober for. We are a team of people in recovery who understand that daily actions matter, and we strive to be a model to our clients for what long-term recovery looks like.

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